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Benefits of super travelers

Air travel is so common nowadays that almost anyone anywhere in the world can book a flight fare and visit other countries, discover new cultures and meet new people. One can even say that we are living in the golden age of airline travel.

Millions of people board airlines every day, but some of them are more than just the casual tourist or frequent flyer. They are super travelers – the ones who spend more time in the air than on the ground, literally, and who have already seen most of the world by now.

If you want to become a super traveler, you should know what the ups and downs are of keeping your head in the clouds for so long.

How to become a super traveler

One of the first conditions of becoming a super traveler is to have a passport that allows you to travel to numerous destinations without having to apply for entry visas or additional paperwork.

At the moment, the most powerful passport to have is the Japanese one. With it, you can travel to as many as 190 countries from all over the globe. Just to make an idea of how lucrative it is to be a passport-holding Japanese citizen, remember that there are only 195 universally recognized countries on the planet.

The second most powerful passport is the one that Singaporean citizens hold (189), with Germany, France, and Korea (188) following close behind.

The US passport guarantees visa-free entry into 186 countries. At the bottom of the hierarchy, we find Afghanistan and Iraq passports, which can only access 30 countries visa-free. Unfortunately, having a passport that barely lets you enter 50 countries or territories damages your chances of becoming a super traveler.

Super traveler benefits

If as a normal traveler, you just sit an fly, and if you have problems with WizzAir in Norway, you could just check for Wizz Air kompensasjon for flyforsinkelse, as a super traveler, you may have access to a broad range of benefits. Other air travel consumers can only watch in awe and envy as you use the same flight, but with additional advantages.

Here are some of the super traveler benefits that you should enjoy anywhere in the world:

  • Access to private, VIP lounges
  • Major flight fare discounts
  • Cost-free cancellations or ticket changes
  • Free shuttle services
  • Access to exclusive offers and promotions

To have all these passenger benefits under your belt, you will need to have more than just a powerful passport. You will also need to travel often, accumulate a significant mileage through your trips and fly over long distances frequently.

Risks of being a super traveler

Unfortunately, not even super travelers are immune to airline delays and cancelations. You may be able to get some vouchers and discounts if you miss your flight because of their poor planning, but you may still have issues claiming compensation.

Obiectivnews think that your best choice is to look for the services of a professional company in the field. An expert firm can fight the airline for you to get proper compensation. They will even do all the necessary paperwork commission-free if your case is not successful in the end.